UK Refining offers a comprehensive range of both water soluble and neat cutting oils. These are designed to exceed all requirements that modern manufacturing has.

The range of water soluble coolants use technologically advanced chemistry with the aim of enhancing operator safety and increase microbial control by combining a high level of machining performance with next generation components. The range includes;

  • Extreme Pressure Coolants
  • Heavy Duty Chlorine-Free Fluids
  • General Purpose Chlorine Free Coolants
  • Synthetic Soluble Grinding Fluids
  • Neat Oil replacement products
  • Ultra long sump life

UK Refining and its partner's product range are already comprehensive. With the continued development in modern machine tools it is paramount that this product range fits with each customer requirements. On-going product development allows a clear focus on creating fluids that meet the customers' needs as well improved health and safety. The ability to tailor a product to fit any customer's needs ensures all performance requirements are covered without compromise

All these products categories have grades that cover a variety of operating characteristics and material use including;

  • Ultra Soft and very hard water content
  • High pressure long cycle machining
  • Multi metal compatibility
  • Specific grades for single use material such as, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Magnesium, High Alloy and Stainless steel etc.

UK Refining supplies a comprehensive range of Neat cutting oils, which cover a broad spectrum of requirements:

  • Multi Viscosity grades
  • Specific OEM approved grades
  • Chlorine and Sulphur free products
  • Specifically designed fluid for different material selection (Ferrous, Aluminium, Titanium, Yellow Metals, Stainless steels)
  • Multi operational grades including grinding, deep hole boring, gear cutting, broaching, threading, gun drilling, honing and a variety of general purpose machine applications
  • Low mist and odour grades
  • Synthetic and biodegradable fluids

Oil & Lubricant range include:

  • Hydraulic and Circulatory fluids
  • Slideway and Gear Oils
  • Multi-functional machine lubricants
  • Compressor oils
  • Greases
  • Full range of Automotive products covering all OEM specifications
  • System cleaners and other tank side maintenance products


UK Refining is dedicated to providing a range of services that aim to support and ultimately add value to its customer base. This is done through a variety of key areas:

  • Prompt and accurate product support and selection
  • Highly trained dedicated technical support personnel
  • Coolant condition monitoring, product and material testing and staff training
  • On-going product development focusing on the customers' needs
  • Versatile product range with the ability to rationalise a factories lubricant requirements'
  • Dedicated transport network aimed at on-time product delivery
  • State of the art laboratory designed to provide product support through in house testing
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